Ballistic High Cut Helmet


Guardian Gear Ballistic High Cut Helmet is light-weight and ergonomically designed to provide ultimate comfort. Our helmet protects against .44 mag and 9mm with fragmentation ranges from V50 of 500-700 m/s. It is compatible with our face shield and can be purchased by itself or in our bundle.

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  • This Ballistic High Cut Helmet is tested by Chesapeake Labs to NIJ Level IIIA
  • Durable and water/chemical/UV resistant
  • Secured to position using ergonomically designed locking system that’s easy to adjust, convenient, and secure
  • Using OCC-DIAL adjustable belt to adjust the size to exactly match your head and make you more comfortable
  • Internal cushion, for added comfort and security, made of impact-absorbing form and memory form that creates impact buffer as well as is breathable and resistant to environmental factors (such as temperature/humidity/elevation changes)
  • Designed to fit noise-cancelling headsets and other communication equipment easily inside the ballistic high cut helmet
  • External rail provides flexibility for additional equipment

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