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Protectus Concealable Armor Shirt Bundle

$287.00 - $324.00

The bundle includes the Protectus Concealable Armored Shirt along with Front and Rear NIJ Rated Level IIIA soft armor panels in two sizes.
Get all the protection of a light armor vest with convenience, comfort, and a nice shaping effect.

NIJ Level IV Rifle Rated Armor


Integral ceramic covering 100% of the plate, creating superior bulletproof performance.

Protectus Concealable Armor Shirt (No Armor)


Daily armor wearers benefit significantly by having one or two spare armor carriers.  Always have a fresh carrier ready to go.  In less than one minute, swap the armor panels with ease.

Bundle Packages

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Model 3003 Convertible Armored Backpack


Discreet fully-functional and useful backpack with front and rear Level IIIA Soft Body Armor panels.  Perfect for school or travel

Fast Carrier Rifle Plate Bundle

$398.00 – $438.00

Bundle Includes: Fast Plate Carrier + 2 Level III Armor Plates, Quad Magazine Pouch.

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