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A Backpack With Body Armor

Model 3003

Why does anyone need a backpack with body armor?

During simple conversations, the notion that one should seriously consider a backpack with body armor seems genuinely absurd.

In truth, it’s one of the most practical ways to give reasonable protection to themselves or loved ones without screaming, “Tactical.”

Since America’s founding, most people tolerate others with ideological differences just fine.  Today, things are very different. Mental illness, drugs, isolation, and a constant drone of hate from many ‘mainstream’ groups empower those who would cause harm to others.

It isn’t very pleasant, but it’s also reality.  While the awful occurrences are remarkably rare, it’s too late to come up with a plan when it’s happening to you or a loved one.

When traveling abroad, it’s wise to have some protection when using public transit or to explore a new city without drawing unnecessary attention. 

Guardian Gear offers products that discreetly provide law enforcement-grade protection to students and travelers.

The Model 3003 Backpack with body armor


Guardian Gear Model 3003

The Model 3003 Backpack features one 11” x 14” IIIA panel in the main compartment of the backpack and a 10” x 12” Level-IIIA panel in the deployable bib.  The latter can be effortlessly pulled out and brought over your head to present a front-protecting Level IIIA body armor panel.  In seconds you can have front and rear body armor equivalent to what patrol officers wear on the streets.

Guardian Gear’s Model 3003 backpack has pockets to hold most 15” laptops securely.  The main backpack storage compartment measures 17″H X 12″W X 4″D. The outside features three zippered compartments.  On top, the compartment measures 10″H X 10.5”W X 1.5″D and is perfect for a tablet like an iPad.  The other front pockets are 9″W x 7.5″H, and 10″H x 10.5″W.  Each side of the backpack features elastic top mesh pockets.  These are perfect for carrying water bottles or small items.

The Model 3003 comes in Black, Blue, and Gray.

All Guardian Gear Level IIIA soft body armor is NIJ compliant.  This means it must be able to withstand multiple shots from pistols ranging from .22 Long Rifle to .44 Magnum.  Unlike decades before, the latest Level IIIA soft armor panel weighs only 20oz each.  This makes them lightweight and discreet. 

As we outfit our loved ones with new clothes and supplies, please consider one of these lifesaving backpacks for the new school year.  It may be the only difference that can thwart the plans of the next deranged monster.

-J Badali