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Bulletproof Backpacks for Kids

Bulletproof Backpacks for Kids

If you are a parent, the state of current gun violence nationwide, especially in schools must raise concern, anxiety and most of all a real conundrum on how you should protect your child.  As most students have returned to school, more and more parents are thinking about school safety and how to protect their students against gun violence.

Gun Violence At Schools

A recent poll found 34 percent (as seen in the chart above) of parents fear for their child’s physical safety at school. That’s almost triple the number of parents from 2013. News like we have seen at the Parkland school shooting in Florida, along with the others often reminds us how vulnerable our children are at school and whilst there are debates and marches or rallies on ending gun violence, things are not changing…..yet!

The truth is parents, schools, and lawmakers are acting on their concerns. They’re beefing up security and looking at ways to identify potential threats. The growing trend of parents investing in bulletproof backpacks and gear is now being added to the list of school supplies being purchased for the start of the academic year. Parents view these bulletproof backpacks as an investment towards added insurance to their child’s safety. An investment especially, when you look at the total cost of purchase and break that into a 12 month period, parents are paying an average of $12-$15 dollars per month for peace of mind. A minimal cost that is well worth the price for protecting our loved ones.

Although bulletproof backpacks aren’t a new concept, they’re becoming more popular due to the rise in mass shootings taking place across the nation. Many parents have stated that although they are disappointed to have to consider this purchase as a necessary item for their student, they take some level of comfort knowing that these items are available for added security. Schools and governments across the country are also taking action against these increasing acts of violence. At least 330 school safety bills were introduced to state legislatures in 2018, according to data published and reported from the Education Commission of the States. Of those bills, at least 53 were signed into law.

The majority of the bills that passed focused on general safety measures, such as what to report to law enforcement and how to inform students and faculty of potential threats. Other bills touched on guns in schools and emergency preparedness. Following the shooting in Parkland, Florida, students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School were required to use clear backpacks as a temporary safety solution. The policy was unpopular among students: Several said see-through bags were an invasion of privacy and openly mocked them on social media. School administrators also planned to install metal detectors as a more permanent solution, but logistical complications have put that plan on hold.

Santa Fe High School, the site of a shooting in May, is putting a $1 million grant from the Education Department toward panic buttons, locks inside classrooms and a remodeled school entrance, according to Courthouse News Service. There are many measures that are being initiated by school campuses to safeguard and protect students. Bulletproof backpack purchases by parents are among the growing actions taking place for added security. Joint efforts will continue to guard and save lives in the midst of an unpredictable and violent era.

Make sure you review our buyer’s guide which outlines the threat level with the different types of guns and bullets and the impact it has when anyone is shot. We take pride in providing you with the right information, we are proud to be an American based company that cares for our community. Read our story HERE.

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